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Carla Ogletree-Broadnax is a lifelong resident of America’s Heartland, Kansas City, Missouri, by way of Los Angeles, California. The oldest of five children in a single-parent home, Carla has first-hand knowledge of the struggles of growing up on welfare, without a father, and molestation at a young age. 

Carla had challenges in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding area. Though she was shy and wrestled with various conflicts, she was athletic, smart, and very outspoken. She learned to adapt quickly to her lifestyle of lack and stagnate environments. She was curious like most teenagers, today, and would explore the behaviors of her peers, attempting to drop out of school and being committed to gang affiliation, fully embracing her street family. Carla adopted her family and proceeded down a road of darkness.

​But, one day in Bakersfield, California in 1997, she turned her life completely around and quickly discovered the fast life was not living. The prayers of her mother and new found faith are the reasons why she is here, today; and out of gratitude, she is sharing her story to give God the glory.​​


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