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Reality Griot

My Story 

Growing up in South Central Los Angles, California, discussing the issues that bothered me was extremely difficult as they are for any teenager. I felt I was the only one going through these challenges. In 2002, I visited Bakersfield, California, where my mom settled our family, and attended a New Years' watch meeting. There were tons of young people and adults visiting on this day. I got up to go to the ladies' room, and as I came out, there was a small group of girls waiting outside. I smiled at them and one stopped and asked me, "what is your name, you look familiar." I told her my name and we discovered we did not know each other. However, I could not pass up a good conversation. Briefly, I shared with this small group of teenagers about how my lifestyle growing up was not the best and how it took a death of a good friend to create a miraculous change in my life. In the moment of speaking to those young ladies, I discovered, “I needed to share my truth with everyone.” On the outside, people see me as this silver spoon, career-minded, smart, and educated person; but, I was ignoring my story and the strength I have gained from it. I decided the time was now for me to share with others how I have become this new person with a renewed mindset. I had to share that it was not easy, but attainable.

As I began to share more of my stories, I realized I was providing healing for myself and other. I was letting go and forgiving all at the same time and did not know, at times. I learned to embrace my struggles and imperfections to feed into someone else who needed to be strengthened. Conversations with Carla was just that, a sharing of life's stories for God's glory. CWC  became the medicine I needed to grow into my truth and who I am, today. The title "Reality Griot" is a unique and historical way of calling me a storyteller. My close friends, Carmel and Stephanie, helped me come up with this name and it fits my unique personality. I do have to explain a lot about the tittle's meaning, but I love it. The stories  I share are from my past, but, the reality of my stories are still relevant today.

Our youth need energy-giving alternatives to navigate a life of distractions. Hearing from real people, who have defeated the odds and refused to accept the mediocre, can inspire young people to look past the negatives and take control of their destinies and power through to their dreams. I want to take you and your children to a place of transforming your minds. My four principals through storytelling will take us through a life-changing experience.

  • Paralegal Studies A.S.

  • Criminal Justice B.S.

  • Secondary Education MEd

  • Toastmasters Speaker

  • Entrepreneur Influencer

  • Motivational Teacher

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